Twee Zurs' Best Professional Eyebrow Tweezer for Natural Brow Shaping, Includes Free eBook on Tips, Perfect for Men and Women, Compare to Tweezerman and Revlon, Set of 3

Unlock a more beautiful, confident you with professional tweezers used by top estheticians. Do your eyebrow tweezers look and feel cheap? Do you have a difficult time holding on to them and extracting the fine hairs near your eyes and mouth? Then it's time you upgraded to Twee Zurs' professional tweezers. Relied upon by top estheticians, you'll never need another pair of tweezers for personal or professional use. Stop using inferior tweezers that can't grab and hold those extremely fine hairs, or simply pull too many at once. Choose Twee Zurs' made from high-grade stainless steel, and coated with a comfortable, non-slip silicone, our tweezer tips meet seamlessly for precision use. A must have for every makeup artist, cosmetologist, esthetician, or even personal home use, Twee Zurs' the perfect pair of tweezers for work, your purse, a cosmetic case, or the bathroom. The very definition of professional precision, our tweezers are designed to let you work more quickly and pull hairs more effortlessly, ensuring you never miss another hair. And with perfectly-calibrated tension, you'll always be in ultimate control! Product details: 3-piece tweezer set. Stainless steel. Rust-resistant. Silicone non-slip grip. Lightweight and compact. Great for home, work or travel use.

$15.97   $7.83

Saves time: Pick up hair on the first try, the steel tip is perfectly sharp and once you pluck it's extremely effective to pull out unwanted hairs

A beautiful face - easily shape your matching eyebrows

Feels great in your hand - 3 different types of silver handles for non-slip grip

You're an expert with twee zurs'you have everything you need to compete with the pros

Love your kids - gets splinters out on the first try with less anxiety

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